Ethical Philosophy

Life begins and ends before we have had a chance to realize what it was all about. Many of us do not even recognize the problems let alone find the solutions to them. How is it that in a modern age where everything is so carefully planned, we are still surrounded by so much uncertainty and confusion?

At Iman Insurance Services LP, we recognize and classify the problems at the following levels:

Local problems include:

  1. Various forms of antisocial behavior e.g. isolationism, greed, and self-centeredness;
  2. The breakdown of the family unit e.g. lack of respect, tolerance, instability, irresponsibility and neglect of duty;
  3. Temporary escapism which hurts oneself and others around the person e.g. drinking, drugs, prostitution, gambling and other such vices;
  4. The symptoms of such problems for the individual are depression, an inner vacuum, lack of peace of mind and heart, loneliness, suicide and self-harm.

National problems include:

  1. Failure of religious, social and political leadership to offer any credible direction or guidance;
  2. Lack of identity, where previous geographical, linguistic, religious, food and cultural norms have shifted loyalties in the globalized village;
  3. People living beyond their means;
  4. Demonization and vilification of each other with no sincere insight into each other;
  5. Aging populations that are still holding their breath, waiting to be rescued from the dustbin of society.

International problems include:

  1. Desecration of the environment;
  2. Too few resources being chased by too many people;
  3. Exploitation of human and natural resources, without social responsibility;

Possible solutions

  1. Through systematic contemplation, creating an inner forum for the individual to achieve a complete sense of realization.
  2. Empowering individuals by training and educating them through mentoring and counselling to undertake and accomplish their civil, social, moral, ethical, economic, religious, environmental, and familial duties and responsibilities.
  3. Developing the individual to such a standard that his aim in life becomes "what can I do for the community" rather than "what can the community do for me".
  4. The individual develops distinguished characteristics so that he can accomplish a profound personality which continues to flourish by adhering and fulfilling the needs of others.
  5. The individual consistently relinquishes self-interest over all other social interests, to the point that he is deemed by others as a role model.

This philosophy is the core values in the establishment of the Iman Insurance Services LP. That is why we are seeking to:

  1. Expend 50% of our profits for the betterment of the next generation in our communities;
  2. Partnering with those institutions that share these core values;
  3. Looking for other innovative ideas through which we can fulfill our corporate social responsibility;
  4. Offer halal and Shariah compliant products that draw upon the faith of the Muslim community, but also offer the wider community an opportunity to participate in ethical products and companies;
  5. Offering products and services that are specifically tailored to the Muslim lifestyle.

Please help us to make a difference. We do not desire to pursue an agenda that is based upon token gestures. We desire to make a real difference to our communities. Help us to move these well meaning ideas into established and fruitful outcomes.