Islamic Lawyers Insurance

Halal Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

As a legal professional providing counsel to your clients, it's important that you carry Professional Liability insurance. Should the worst happen and legal proceedings be brought against you, inadequate coverage could leave you and your firm seriously exposed.

Designed by lawyers professional liability experts who understand the risks of small legal practices like yours, our Lawyers Professional Liability program gives law firms high-qualilty malpractice insurance and a portfolio of complimentary risk management services specifically designed to help mitigate professional liability risk. The program's value-added services can enhance your firm's legal research capabilities, put expert counsel at your disposal when potential malpractice issues arise, make reporting claims quick and easy...and more.

The program is designed to protect your firm's finances -- and reputation.

  • Broad Definition of Legal Services
  • Coverage for Current Attorneys
  • Coverage for Current Staff and "Of Counsel" Attorneys for Work Done on Behalf of the Firm Plus Coverage for Past Attorneys and Staff for Work Done on Behalf of the Firm
  • Coverage for the Insured's Estate, Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Assigns and Legal Representatives
  • Coverage is Worldwide
  • Full Prior Acts for Qualifying Attorneys
  • Lateral Hire Coverage
  • Innocent Partner Coverage
  • Reduced Pricing for Part-Time Attorneys
  • Optional Extended Reporting Periods
  • Optional Benefits for Additional Premium for Qualifying Firms
  • Broad Range of Limits and Deductibles
  • Online Legal Research Giving You Convenient, 24/7Access
  • 24/7 Claims Reporting -- Triggering a Rapid Claim Response
  • Loss Prevention Hotline and Website
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