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Imam Chebli - New Jersey

Maulana Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Gufran Ali Siddiqi - New Jersey

The Shaykh was born in India and then later migrated to Lahore, Pakistan. He attained his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1964 and his Master of Science in Pharmacy in 1968 from the infamous Punjab University of Lahore [1st position in his Masters program]. He later became the Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Punjab University from 1968 to 1971. In February 1972 he migrated to the United States of America. Seven years later he enrolled in the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in North America and graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 1982. 

While attending Punjab University in Lahore he simultaneously started the Traditional Islamic Sciences [Dars-e-Nizami] program under his blessed uncle Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Umar Naeemi {RA} and Shaykh Moulana Ghulam Moin Uddin 'Makhdoom' Naeemi {RA}. He then completed his Islamic studies under the Shaykh Allaama Abu-Al-Barakat Syed Ahmad Shah {RA} thus graduating from the historic Islamic Academy, Hijbul Ah-Naaf of Lahore.

In 1972 he established the Islamic Center of NJ in Jersey City, New Jersey. Almost 40 years later his efforts have inspired the establishment of 2 Islamic Centers in Jersey City who, along with many Muslim Communities in the US and especially the Tri-State NY Metropolitan area, are following his initiations of many Islamic programs.  

Shaykh Ghufran is the Imam and Director of Darul Uloom New York Inc in Bronx, NY. He is also the Director of the Islamic University project consisting of 150 acres that have been purchased in Ellenville, New York and is the co-chair of the 'National Ulema Board' of the Rooyat-e-Hilal Committee of North America. He has 7 children who all, by the Will of Allah, have become physicians and among them one has also memorized the Holy Quran who the Shaykh is preparing in Islamic Sciences as well. The Lord has also graced the Shaykh and his wife with 6 wonderful grandchildren.

Maulana Saifun Nabi - New York

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Dr. Zafar Noori - Washington

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