Shariah Ulema Support

Although Iman Insurance Services, L.P. has been fully endorsed through the independent Shariah Supervisory Board as a Halal insurance company, the concept of Iman insurance has been supported and endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the Imams, Scholars, Shaykhs and Muftis across the US. These endorsements clearly highlight the profound authority of the IIS Shariah board amongst their peers, the standing of the chairman of IIS and the strength of the verification that IIS is Halal.

Therefore you can have total confidence that our Halal insurance products are completely Shariah compliant. Please view the extensive footage of scholars which unanimously demonstrates the support of our concept of Iman insurance.

The scholars emphatically have stated that the launch of Iman Insurance is a highly commendable initiative that will allow Muslims to insure their risks and attain peace of mind without compromising their faith.

There have been various organizations that have launched Shariah compliant products in other countries and have attained certification from a Shariah Supervisory board. However, to date, IIS is the only organization that enjoys the support of the vast majority of the Muslim scholars and leaders. This is clearly demonstrated by the extensive list of Scholars that have recorded their support and enthusiasm for Iman Insurance.