Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

To lead the way in developing authentic halal insurance products, that are competitive and Shariah compliant for Muslims, and for ethically conscience consumers. Our motivation will be based on the principles of cooperation and service to humanity rather than pure profits.

To promote these ethical and Halal products to consumers worldwide.

To reinvest 50% of our profits back into the community to rejuvenate the process of mutual abridgement fortification.

Our Mission

  1. Provide competitive Halal and ethical insurance products approved by an overwhelming number of Muslim scholars from the Muslim community;
  2. Donate 50% of our profits for the benefit of our next generation in the local community;
  3. Continue our product development that is sensitive to Muslim lifestyle and ethical consumers;
  4. Establish ethical business practices within the company;
  5. Transferring life skills within the company and to the wider society through the established members of the company;
  6. Investing the Takaful Fund in businesses that are driven by the same ethos and business philosophy.